Passpack Announces New Direct Password Sharing Feature that Increases Sharing Flexibility & Administrator Control

Password Sharing

In today’s fast-paced digital environment, effective and secure password sharing within teams is crucial. Passpack’s innovative Direct Password Sharing feature offers a seamless balance of flexibility and administrative control, revolutionizing the way organizations handle password management and team collaboration.

Enhancing Team Collaboration with Password Sharing

Passpack has responded to customer feedback requests for a change in application functionality that increases team member password sharing flexibility without sacrificing administrator control.

The new Password Direct Share by Team Member to Existing Team feature replaces an older workflow that supported direct password sharing between team members but did not give administrators 100% visibility and control over all passwords.

Streamlining Password Management with Direct Password Sharing

In previous versions of Passpack team members could share passwords directly with one another, bypassing some team members and the administrator.

This created a security loophole in which the administrator would not have access to all current passwords in use at an organization.

This critical enhancement closes that loophole and significantly reduces the administrative workload in the resharing of passwords.

The new workflow enables a team member to create a new password and share it only through existing teams formed and managed by the administrator. In this way, all team members and the administrator receive all new passwords.

This dramatically improves the password sharing flexibility and security of Passpack, and is especially valuable to larger organizations seeking to reduce IT support burdens for simple password sharing requests. In the new workflow:

  • Businesses retain complete visibility and total control over all passwords created and used across the organization as they must be shared through a team authorized and monitored by a centralized password administrator.
  • Passwords are shared with all team members with notice provided to the administrator. This relieves the requirement for the administrator to constantly login to the app, monitor password sharing activity and requests, and manually reshare passwords out to team members.
  • Passwords shared by any team member are clearly flagged in the application’s administrator account view, and can be labeled and sorted by the administrator to keep up to date on all credential change activity.
  • How it works:
    The “Select Transfer Team” function allows a team member to create a new password and share it directly with an existing Team. Permissions for the target Team must be set to Read/Write for the password to be shared. All members of the Team and the admin will automatically receive the new password, after which ownership of the password will be automatically transferred from the team member to the team administrator.

    Once the administrator takes ownership of the password and confirms it has been shared with the proper team(s), the administrator can change team member permissions to Read Only so the password will be fixed, and only the administrator can change it. This is how password administrators can lock down passwords and maintain complete control with Passpack.

This core change to Passpack functionality demonstrates our commitment to secure password sharing and to listening to our customers. We strive to deliver solutions that solve real problems and optimize how users interface with the app daily. In fact, we are constantly working to better our product. If you have a suggestion for how we might improve the Passpack experience, please let us know at [email protected].

Unlock the Power of Secure Team Password Management with Passpack

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