Case Study – Dented Brick Distillery

Passpack Dented Brick Case Study

Discover how this Salt Lake City-based distillery revolutionized its password management and bolstered cybersecurity with the innovative solution offered by Passpack. From facing challenges in handling critical passwords to achieving a streamlined and secure system, this case study unfolds the transformative journey of Dented Brick Distillery.

The Client

Dented Brick Distillery was founded in Salt Lake City, UT, starting with a simple idea: What if they could build a world-class distillery in one of the driest states in the nation? A lifelong love for spirits united a group of passionate friends who undertook this challenge together, and in 2014 they began building the foundation of Dented Brick® one brick at a time.

The Challenge

Dented Brick consists of a dynamic team of about 12 partners and employees working side-by-side in their Salt Lake City distillery. There they perform many roles, including ordering supplies for distillation, accounting, marketing, social media, sales, and distribution. This requires each employee to access critical applications and websites necessary to ensure the smooth operation of the business. Several hundred passwords need to be organized into critical groups and shared with the relevant employees (called Team Members) so they can access information to complete tasks such as payments, ordering materials, managing social media, fulfilling online orders, and maintaining CRM systems.

The rapid growth of the business with its expanding network of suppliers and distributors meant the lists of passwords each employee kept on a spreadsheet were no longer tenable – or secure – especially in a multi-user environment. They needed a tool to centralize and enforce rules for password creation, management, and sharing that would eliminate handwritten lists, keep everyone informed of changes, yet still grant access to critical business systems and resources.

The Passpack Solution

Passpack is a versatile password management solution that allows a designated network administrator to organize employees into teams based on common job responsibilities and then share all the necessary passwords directly with each team. Passwords can be labeled for ease of identification and quickly sorted by category and employee.

One especially powerful feature attractive to Dented Brick is that when a team member changes or adds new passwords, all employees belonging to that particular team are automatically updated, along with the group administrator, so everyone is kept in the loop.

The Passpack application includes a password generator and supports an unlimited number of passwords for an unlimited number of users and teams. Passpack allows administrators to set minimum thresholds for character string length and strength, as well as rules for password expiration and recycling to ensure good password hygiene among all users.

Further, Passpack employs a Zero Knowledge Security Model to provide the highest level of security and privacy. All user information and passwords are fully encrypted using military-grade 256-AES encryption during transmission and when at rest. Plus, Passpack’s unique Packing Key technology adds a critical level of protection with a personal encryption code known only by each end user.

Business Outcomes

Today, handwritten or printed password lists and lost credentials are a thing of the past at Dented Brick. Team members cannot create a new password without the administrator being made aware, and there are rules in place to support strong password creation and hygiene. Teams are divided by area of responsibility and have access only to the resources they need. Password sharing is accomplished without violating security protocols, and the cyber threat exposure is lowered.

“Passpack has great customer support and is proving to be an easy to use, ultra-secure, and cost-effective password management solution for Dented Brick. It’s scalable so we know it will grow with us and we won’t ever have to change providers or have our teams learn new software and workflows. It’s a great value for an extremely secure password management app and responsive provider.

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