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Passpack Business Plan Enhancements

We are proud to announce significant Passpack Business Plan enhancements in 2024, reinforcing our commitment to secure password management. With these latest upgrades, businesses can leverage increased administrative control and reporting capabilities, all while maintaining the same affordable subscription rate. These enhancements are designed to streamline password security processes and enhance organizational oversight without any additional cost.

Stepping up our game for 2024, Passpack is pleased to roll out several Business Plan enhancements without increasing the cost of a Passpack annual subscription.

These new Passpack Business Plan enhancements are designed to give Passpack administrators increased control and visibility over how their organization’s team members interact and use Passpack to implement password security for the organization.

Enhanced Email Domain Control.

Passpavk Business Plan Enhancements: Domain EntryThis security update allows administrators to control which email domains can be included in the organization and are authorized to access shared passwords. This ensures team members can only interact with approved third-party independent services and subcontractors. Further, the Passpack administrator can control whether users can connect and share passwords with team members outside of the company domain. These enhancements are intended to stop passwords from directly leaving an organization and give the administrator increased visibility of user activities.

Granular Reporting.

Passpack Business Plan Enhancements: Login HistoryNew reporting features give administrators detailed knowledge of and insight into all user password creation and sharing actions within the Passpack environment. This empowers administrators to review the Passpack structure and activity in its current state and correct or resolve potential security issues before they occur or blossom into bigger problems. Reports that can be generated include:

  • Account Information. See all changes to usernames, URLs, passwords, and notes.
  • Login History. Show user login activity by team member.
  • Team Structure. Ensure users are included or excluded from the proper teams (limited version in Team Plan).
  • Passwords Belonging to a Team. List all current passwords in use by a team.
  • Passwords Opened/Copied. Track individual password use by team member.
  • Deleted Passwords. Keep a list of passwords that have been deleted (limited version in Team Plan).

Increased Administrative Controls.

A number of new features allow Passpack administrators to set several universal functions to ensure that all team members consistently adhere to the organization’s umbrella security policies. These include:

  • Allowing Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) bypass when using Single Sign-On (SSO).
  • Control over Session Time and Lock Out at the organization level.
  • Ability to delete a team member account so the user license can be reset or reallocated to another team member account.
  • Restricting team members from joining external organizations and governing which email domains may join your organization. (See Email Domain Control, above).
  • Restoration of recently or accidentally deleted passwords (limited ability in Team Plan)
  • Unlimited history reporting of all logged changes made to passwords, notes, and associated information.

Responsive to Customer Needs & Budgets

Passpack brings you this added functionality because you asked for it. We are constantly evaluating and improving the product to address customer feedback and meet your evolving security needs. The best part? The cost of the enhanced Passpack Business Plan remains unchanged at just $4.50 per user per month ($54 annually).

Passpack customers get unrestricted access to all platform features – unlimited users, teams, and secure password generation, storage, and sharing – curated by Passpack in our ultra-secure data centers and built on Zero-knowledge architecture, plus these latest enhancements, for just pennies per day. A small price to pay for the protection your business needs from today’s cyber threats that often start with poor password hygiene.

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