Unlock the Power of SSO Passwords with Passpack

Single sign-on (SSO), is an authorization technology that allows end-users to access various digital resources in an organization using one set of login credentials.

SSO passwords are typically implemented in businesses with large populations of employees and partners accessing multiple networked systems, applications, and websites.

Passpack Removes the 20-user Limits on Teams Plan

Password management can be a real headache. Passpack has taken the hassles out of the process by streamlining this important security measure and allowing businesses and individuals to spend less time on password management and more time on running their business.

Passpack V7 Being Depreciated

Why is Passpack Version 7 being depreciated and phased out in June 2023? Passpack V7 was initially released in 2007; developed with software technology available at that time. Consequently, it is a challenging platform to keep updated and maintain.

Why Businesses Need Password Management

Passwords. Everyone who uses a computer or networked device for business or personal reasons uses them. They are a simple way to prove you’re you and authorized to access the service, join the conversation, or complete the transaction.

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