Passpack Unveils Advanced Domain & Access Control Features

Passpack Domain and access Control

Passpack introduces its Business Plan New “Domain & Access Control” features. These cutting-edge capabilities enhance how businesses manage domain name system (DNS) settings and access permissions, providing a robust layer of security. Explore how Passpack is redefining password management for businesses, ensuring secure and streamlined control over digital assets and user access.

Passpack continues to add robust functionality and finer layers of administrative control to make it one of the most secure password management applications for businesses on the market. This time, the enhancements center on Advanced Domain & Access Control; domain name system (DNS) permissions and access control.

Now, when an organization enrolls in the Passpack Business Plan, it gains increased control over how their users interact with the Passpack administrator, who can join their Passpack account, and how login credentials are shared inside and outside the organization’s Passpack environment. Here’s a deeper dive:

1. Verified Domains (DNS Validation):

Under Company Settings, the organization’s administrator can configure Passpack to validate a domain via the domain provider’s DNS settings. To enable this, the admin assigns a unique identifier generated by Passpack to the organization’s DNS address. An example of how a unique identifier is typically added to the domain configuration dashboard is shown below. This will vary depending on the domain provider.

Passpack has received a request to add as a verified domain within Passpack. We require you to add a TXT record to your DNS, which we utilize to confirm you own and can manage this domain.

Please add the following: = bfa7ce8d-8baa-4790-9a74-3a4199693b3a

DNS providers vary in how they accomplish this task. If you need assistance, please get in touch with Passpack support for specific instructions regarding your domain hosting provider.

Once a domain is verified within the Passpack environment, the administrator can now delete individual team members, or user accounts, entirely. Previously, without a verified domain the administrator could disconnect or isolate a user, but not completely remove their identity from the Passpack configuration when they are no longer part of the organization. That loophole is now closed.

Further, Passpack DNS Validation requires communication with the organization’s outside DNS provider. When this feature is enabled, if the domain service is ever compromised, unavailable, or more likely expired, the ability of the admin to access these advanced domain features will be disabled. This will be a red flag that the organization is experiencing a larger DNS issue and IT attention is required.

2. Allowed Domains:

This internal administrative control prevents just anyone from accessing the organization’s master Passpack administrator account.

The new Allowed Domains feature of the Business Plan allows the Passpack admin to control the email domains which can connect to the administrator account, and thus control who is able to share and modify passwords and login information within the organization. It adds an extra layer of security ensuring that invitations to the administrator account and resulting access to the Passpack dashboard and stored credentials are only sent to domains that the organization authorizes.

For example, an admin can create a rule in which only team members with a domain email are able to join the admin account. Should a consultant or employees of another company need access to the administrator account, their email domain(s) can easily be added and removed to the allowed domain list when necessary.

2. Access Control Features:

Whereas Allowed Domains is for limiting access to administrative controls, the new Access Control features in the Business Plan are about giving the administrator greater control over how Passpack end users connect to other end users. There are two modes:

  • External Connections: This mode controls how and if Passpack users can connect to users in other companies. The admin can authorize team members’ accounts to be able to only connect to users on approved domains. For example, you wouldn’t want someone with a email inviting a user in the domaininto the organization.
  • Limit Company Membership: In this mode the administrator can restrict team members to sharing credentials only internally with other end users in a domain verified or allowed by the company.

These access control features are beneficial when the administrator needs to connect with third-party contractors or temporary employees and ensure credentials are only shared within the organization or with users on trusted domains.

Passpack: The Premier Password Manager App for SMBs

With these advanced domain and access control features now a standard part of the Business Plan*, Passpack continues to evolve, exceeding the value and capabilities of competing password manager solutions for just pennies per user per day – perfect for small- to medium-sized businesses seeking to reduce risk from cyberthreats that often start with a weak or compromised password.

Combined, these new features create a walled garden around your business that permits credential sharing only among team members and domains approved by your administrator. Contact us to learn more about these new Passpack capabilities and try the new Business Plan free for 28 days to see firsthand how Passpack enhances security and preserves the circle of trust at your organization.

*Users must subscribe to the Passpack Business Plan to access these features, (currently $4.50 per user/per month, paid annually). Domain and Access Control are not available on the Team Plan. Visit to learn more.

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