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Setting Up Two-Factor Authentication

Passpack supports two widely used Two Factor Authorization Standards, Yubi Key and Google Authenticator.

Below is how to set up Google Authenticator. You must download the Google Authenticator App from Apple or Google Play stores.

Go to The Setting Menu top right and select Multifactor Authentication on the left side of the screen. Then select Activate Google Authenticator.

Two Factor Authentication 01

Passpack will open a window enabling the user to download Google Authenticator. If you already have Google Authenticator Installed, proceed to the Next stage. Open Google Authenticator and add Passpack by scanning the generated QR-Code or entering the key code.

Two Factor Authentication

Once the QR Code is scanned, Google Authenticator will be activated. The Final stage is to enter the Six-Digit code generated by Google Authenticator and select next to complete the activation process. The Six-Digit Code changes every minute.

Two Factor Authentication

Google Authenticator is now active and will be required to log in. The system also generates ten emergency codes that should be stored privately to be used in the event of losing access to Google Authenticator.

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