Getting Started

Inviting Team Members
and Adding A New License

Before Sharing of Passwords can take place, you will need to connect to the users in your organization/projects. Please follow the steps below:

Before Sharing Passwords and defining Teams for your organization the Administrator will need to Invite New Team Members to collaborate. This is managed from the Settings Menu in the latest version of Passpack; please follow the steps below:

  1. Select Settings Menu
  2. Select Company
  3. Select License Management
  4. Select Purchase More

New Password

Add The Number of Licenses Required Using the Up and Down Arrows.

New Password

Type The Name and E-mail Addresses of The Team Members you would like to Invite.

New Password

After selecting Invite Team Members, the system will confirm that your Team Members have received the Invitation. When accepted, Active will appear in the right column of the respective Team member.

Additional Team Members can also be invited later by Selecting the “Invite Team Members” function on the right of the screen.

The new License Management functionality replaces the “Add a Connection” feature in Passpack Version 8.

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