Our product development is driven by customer feedback and input.

We don’t need to imagine and innovate; we just have to listen to our customers and users.

We manage our product development roadmap by listening to our customers, and seeking feedback through relevant channels, notably customer support interactions. We will also carry out surveys to gain input on specific product areas. The full team at Passpack, reviewing the potential positive impact on usability and feature set, considers the feedback/inputs.

Our Customer Support team regularly shares the customer feedback they receive with the product and technical teams to consider and evaluate the input upon which judgments and decisions can be made. We also have our technical team engage directly with customers when appropriate which provides additional insight.

The team at Passpack has worked in privacy and security solutions for over 15 years and consistently listened to our customers as the first portal in prioritizing product development.

While our goal is to optimize our customer Passpack experience we also respect communication protocols. Hence we do not track you for marketing purposes, no pixels. Messaging is restricted to specific product-related matters important for you to be aware of. The only exceptions are cookies used to help customer interaction with the App (that can be excluded) or where customers proactively sign up to our referral program.

Thus, in complete contrast to the general practice of service providers, the collection of customer usage data is anathema to us! Customers trust us with their most valuable data and we must act in accordance with that responsibility.

No intrusive tracking, we focus on customer feedback to continually improve.

Bottom line, communication is key to enabling Passpack to deliver functionality and value to our customers with the mantra of security and privacy always being at the core, and to achieve this without Big Data syndrome.

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